The Science of Fit

Fact 1: Womens hands don’t grow in girth the way mens hands do, this means you deserve gloves engineered to fit a womens hand.

Fact 2: The average palm width is size 7. Basing your glove size on your palm width means sacrificing dexterity or tactility at the ends of your fingers.

Through extensive research, countless hand measurements and overwhelming data analysis, we have found the exact ratios of palm length to body height and finger length to palm length. These ratios are not specific to age or nationality. The bones of the human body are genetically programmed to grow at a specific and consistent rate in proportion to the body.

The Women's Dakota Gloves are sized according to your body height. Knowing how tall you are, we can estimate your palm and finger lengths within 1-2% and engineer a hard working glove that fits accordingly.


  X Small Small Medium Large X Large
Womens Dakota 5' - 5' 2" 5' 2.5"-5' 4.5" 5' 5"-5' 6.5" 5' 7"-5' 9" 5' 9.5"-5' 11.5"
Gloves 152.4-157.5cm 158.8-163.8cm 165.1-168.9cm 170.2-175.3cm 176.5-181.6cm