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Small Animal Wound Care Foam - 5oz


Small Animal Wound Care Foam - 5oz

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  • Features & Technology

Doctoring Made Easy

Noble Outfitters® Wound Care will assist in the recovery process of the injured animal. Veterinarian recommended proprietary formulation improves wound cleanliness and enhances recovery time on all animals. Noble Outfitters® Wound Care is made from non-toxic, food-grade safe ingredients. It is safe to use in animal’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth, even on the most sensitive animals.

Drink Up

Okay, so you may not want to because as it turns out, it is quite bitter, but Noble Outfitters(TM) Wound Care is fragrance free, dye free and safe to ingest thanks to its food-grade, non-toxic ingredients. That means you don't have to stress if your animal bites or licks a treated wound.

A Team Player

When doctoring animals, the issue of whether or not two ointments, dressings or other treatments can be used together often arises. Wound Care makes your life easier as it can be used with all types of medical treatments and antibiotics.

For Safe Keeping

With no shelf life restrictions and the ability to be frozen without risk of degrading, you can easily stow Wound Care away for an emergency without having to worry if it will go bad or not.

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